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Tutoring Celebration

On Thursday May 16th, The Plains Community League tutoring program had its last day of the academic school year.  We ended the year helping 30 students, all of whom made tremendous progress in their areas of study. Most of the students joined the honor roll for the last semester.

We celebrated with pizza, donated by Rita Fenwick, cupcakes, popsicles, outside free time and a lot of laughs. As we finished up and said our goodbyes, not one person left TPCL without tears in their eyes, saying how much the program not only meant to the students, but to the tutors as well. 

I wanted to thank each of you for all that you have done to help support the program! You have contributed in many ways, and I truly appreciate it. Because of this, we are making a difference in these wonderful children's lives.

Thank you again,

Erica Young,


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