Get Involved

Be apart of something bigger! 

Dear Neighbor:


The other day I was having lunch in The Plains with a friend and she told me a remarkable story. Charlottesville is experimenting with a new kind of housing community composed of individuals and families from different economic, age, and social backgrounds in the same neighborhood. Millionaires living next door to middle class and workforce households.  Families sharing sidewalks with seniors and professionals. She wondered if it would work. I told her I was certain it would, because what she had described already exists – it is called The Plains.


What Charlottesville can learn from The Plains is that building such a community also requires opportunities to get involved and to know each other.  For decades, The Plains Community League (TPCL) has served that role for our town. The historic (and in need of repairs!) John Page Turner Community House, owned and managed by TPCL, makes possible monthly programs and events that give everyone an opportunity to play a role in our community and form friendships.


For example, TPCL’s flagship tutoring program relies heavily on retired community members as volunteer tutors, together with high school student volunteers, to run our popular and effective, free tutoring program available to school children of all ages.  Every November, dozens of townspeople meet to assemble and deliver “Thanksgiving Baskets” comprised of a week’s worth of groceries and a turkey for families that need a little extra help. Free events such as our recent “Music in The Plains” draw upon the ideas, cooperation, and hard work of local volunteers, schools, and businesses. The result is our older people are recognized and valued by younger people in our community, engineers get to know bookkeepers, Republicans work with Democrats, we become friends with people from all walks of life.  A supportive, vibrant community is formed.  Which is exactly what The Plains Community League works to achieve.


Once each year, The Plains Community League asks our community for financial help. Donated time and resources significantly keep our operating budget under $100,000, but those dollars are crucial. Can you please help us this year by making a donation? 


Thank you, genuinely, for your consideration of our request. I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.




Debbie McLaughlin

President, The Plains Community League