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Dear Neighbor:                                                                November 2020


For those of us fortunate enough to live in and around The Plains, we benefit from our small, inclusive community where neighbors regularly support and help each other. The Plains Community League (TPCL) is founded on the principle of neighbors helping each other, and has delivered on it steadily for more than 40 years. By providing educational programs for children and adults, community outreach and social programs throughout the year, the TPCL fosters a much-needed sense of community and helping hand.  Once a year, though, we become the neighbor asking for help. 


Can you please help us to adapt our crucial programs and services to meet the even greater needs of this challenging time? 


Adapting to COVID 19:  Thanks to a tremendous effort by your neighbors, and support from the Town of the Plains, Path Foundation and the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, TPCL made great strides in revamping the Turner Community house into a COVID safe space available for careful use this Fall, but there is more to do.  We have an obligation to continue providing urgently needed, safe working spaces with free internet for schoolchildren, and free virtual tutoring. 


Given the challenges of home schooling, the Turner Community House offers significant advantages such as printers, supplies, and school textbooks for supplemental support.  TPCL is allowing and encouraging students and family groups to reserve one of our five rooms throughout the school week, to help with the burdens of home schooling.


Our goal is to keep encouraging and helping students of all ages to gain knowledge and skills, and one way is through scholarships.   This spring, we will once again be offering scholarships to local college students.  Please visit our website for more details and a list of last year’s scholarship winners.


We anticipate an even greater local community need this year for our annual Thanksgiving Basket donation.  A free turkey and a week’s worth of groceries – for individuals and families struggling with a recent illness or loss of income.  It is our hope, that with your donations, we are able to provide the same opportunity this Spring.  It is important to help those less fortunate than us, especially during the upcoming holiday season.


TPCL invites you to join us at one of our events so you can see the good work we are doing in our community and experience first-hand the satisfaction of helping others.


The greater use of our community house and implementation of new programs and protocols, however, comes at a real cost.  I hope you will join me in raising funds to cover these expenses. Approximately 50% of our budget needs are covered by volunteer services, in-kind donations, and grants. What remains must be made through donations from our community. Thank you, in advance, for lending a helping hand, and making The Plains the best little town in America. 




Tom Rice



P.S.  Help us get the word out to our community that the Turner House is available for internet use (registration required). We are also looking for additional virtual tutors for the children this school year. Please contact TPCL’s Program Coordinator, Beth Lucas, (540)-253-2119 for information on how to volunteer.