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Things are getting spooky!

Let's make some Scarecrows!

Three categories: 
Scary Ones
Cute Ones 
Creative Ones

The scarecrows can start popping up anytime after October 1st. Display in a safe and accessible location around your business or home. Around Halloween time you will be visited by ghosts     If it pleases the spirits, your Scarecrow may receive a shiny ribbon or MONEY!

A few minor guidelines: 
Nothing Obscene. Use your judgement. Nothing political. You get it!

Otherwise get creative and enjoy. Let's spook up our little town. If you hope to win an award, fill out the registration for to the right or drop by the Community House at 6473 Main Street and fill out a registration form. 

Questions?? email

Scarecrow Contest Entry Form


We can't wait to see your scarecrow!

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