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Spreading Our Wings Week Two

Erica, Alexa, and Monserrate have woven together a summer camp that teaches Social Studies, Math, Art, Economics, Science, Nature Study, Gardening, and Reading, that also helps campers develop empathy, leadership, and responsibility. At the same time, campers have ample opportunity for physical exercise, making friends, fun and games.

Michael Kieffer, from Bull Run Conservancy, is leading campers on nature hikes and teaching them about ecology.

Almost everyday, campers can be seen walking through The Plains to visit a business, museum, gallery, or neighbor. Last week The Plains Volunteer Fire Company welcomed them into their station to learn about fire safety, explore the emergency vehicles, and try on protective equipment.

Reading time is central to camp life. Fauquier Fresh brought books for campers. Camp has a dedicated reading room filled with cushions, stuffed animals, a tent, and soothing music to enhance reading time.

Every week Spreading Our Wings joins Grace Montessori School for Reading Buddies-it is such a great experience for both the older campers and the young preschoolers.

Thank you to everyone that helps keep our Little Free Library full!! Good children's literature and picture books (in good condition) are always appreciated.

In ASL class, campers illustrated an alphabet book. Each camper will be constructing a copy to take home. They also learned to fingerspell their names: reinforcing literacy skills.

Campers all have chores during the week. They are paid in "camp money" which they save until the end of the week. The "camp money" can be spent at the camp store. Campers can choose to buy something for themselves, for a family member, or to give to a fellow camper who is having a rough day. On the first day the store was open, one of our campers purchased a movie ticket for a despondent friend who had lost a game for his team. He gave the ticket to the camper, gave him a hug, and said "It wasn't your fault."

Our volunteer junior counselors manage the store. It is a great hands on activity for all the campers to learn money skills.

This week campers researched and learned about Ireland--they added information to their passports. Groups of campers shared information with the others: Camp Spreading Our Wings is definitely supporting the goals being taught in our schools!

A big thank you to the Windy Hill Foundation, Marshall Methodist Church and Michael Adams from Adams Custom Services for providing transportation to the swimming pool and field trips.

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